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i really like stevebucky. sebastian stan ruined me. bucky barnes is my child and i'm basically clint barton. i'm on twitter a lot.

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make me choose - anonymous asked: brienne or ygritte?

"All men die," he could almost hear her say, "and women too, and every beast that flies or swims or runs. It’s not the when o’ dying that matters, it’s the how of it, Jon Snow.”

Superheroes in New York? Give me a break!”


Imagine Steve bursting into Bucky’s room one night and telling him to dress sharp, because they’re going out. Bucky’s confused because it’s already 9:00 and he figured he’d just just watch a movie and then crash, but he shrugs and puts on his new suit (not as snappy as his uniform used to be, but he’ll live) and follows Steve. 

Steve ends up taking him to the ballroom at the nicest hotel in town (the Plaza if they’re in New York or the Hay Adams if they’re in DC) and Bucky loves it. It’s the perfect blend of old and new; everyone’s dressed up to the nines and there’s swing music playing, but there are plenty of same-sex couples dancing and no one seems to look down on him.

He and Steve find a table along the wall and sit with their drinks, sometimes reminiscing, other times just quietly watching the dancers, when finally Bucky just can’t take it anymore and stands up, holds out his hand to Steve, and says “Dance with me.”

Steve is too flustered to speak, but slowly takes his hand, stands up, and lets himself be led to the middle of the floor where Bucky holds one of his hands and puts his other around Steve’s waist and starts swaying. It’s awkward at first but Bucky keeps pulling Steve closer and Steve keeps letting him, until their flush up against each other, dancing through their own little world, occasionally whispering stupid little things in the other’s ear.

It’s just like what they would do back in the day, except instead Bucky’s tiny apartment their in one of the fanciest rooms in the world and instead of scratchy old records it’s a world class house band; and boy have their lives changed since 1940, but they think it’s for the better.


They grow quickly now, and when they are grown I shall have my wings. Mounted on a dragon, she could lead her own men into battle, as she had in Astapor, but as yet they are still too small to bear her weight.